Using Simulation Enables Better Solutions

Today's Requirement Techniques Are Painful for Everyone

Before using simulation, many people have been burned by the current methods of documenting requirements. They participated in boring tedious reviews of text based requirements. "Now everyone turn to page 362 and refer to Appendix M."

After the application was delivered, but did not meet their expectations, they were told "But you signed off on it." They do not want to have that experience again and will go to great lengths to avoid it.

Simulation addresses many concerns raised when people are asked to be involved in defining requirements. The following links take you to more detailed discussions on applying simulation.

1) Using Simulation Enabled Discovery of a Solution

The business problem was the same for over two years. The information stayed the same. It was the same people. Building Requirements Consensus™ simulation approach enabled discovery of a solution where it was not visible before - even after repeated attempts.

Learn what happened when a stuck team used simulation in place of text and static prototypes and the "Aha" they experienced.

2) Comparing Simulation with Modeling and Prototyping

Modeling and simulation address requirements problems differently. Models are static and rarely describe dynamic interactions. With simulation, users directly experience changes before building it.

We identify and address five root causes of requirement problems.

1. Lack of User involvement
2. Stakeholders Cannot Validate Requirements Until Application Developed
3. Requirements Discovered After Code Written
4. Project Budgets Inaccurate
5. Users Do Not Know What They Want

3) How Do Steps in a Simulation Process Approach Vary?

Steps in a process simulation approach vary from standard requirements approaches. Developers, architects, QA and users get involved earlier. They add clarity and build consensus for the solution that is delivered.

4) How Much Simulation Is Enough?

Cost increases as the fidelity of a simulation increases. How do we find the right balance?

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