Testimonials of Users of
Building Requirements Consensus™

These testimonials represent a cross section of uses of the Building Requirements Consensus™ Methodology and Approach.

1) Requirements Methodology Evaluation after Application in Production for 3 Years

Testimonial from a Senior Business Systems Analyst at a Large Financial Company:

Project Information

The [project name removed] project started the 1st quarter of the year and went into production the 2nd quarter of the same year. The requirements turned out to be complex with multiple different ways to [accomplish the work goal]. I worked with Brian Cook. We used his use case methodology to document use cases.

Developing Requirements

Brian presented initial training that lasted a half day. After a few days I was able to be effective with the methodology. Brian mentored me as I learned nuances of capturing requirements in this way. Within a week I felt comfortable writing use cases independently because the approach was straightforward to use once I understood the concepts.

As I documented requirements, I was surprised to find requirements that I would have missed using my prior approach. These missed requirements would have resulted in future work and made the initial rollout less successful. As it was, this project was well received in the field and fulfilled its purpose from day one.

Development & QA

The developers and QA testers understood these requirements more readily than earlier projects. The number of clarifications I needed to make was noticeable less - as were the number of ambiguities or issues. These were the best received requirements I had written up to that point. The project developed smoothly and was ready to go into production as scheduled without the typical last minute rush.


The application has been in production for almost three years. In that time there have been only 2-3 minor changes needed. Only one change could be attributed to a requirement defect. That was due to two different event types that were originally treated as one. It was easy to find the requirements to change and update them.

Based on the low number of defects and the very few production issues, this project has a low maintenance cost.

Overall Experience with Methodology

The only problem I had was initially learning a new perspective to capture requirements. Once I understood that perspective it became clear how to proceed. I recommend this approach for capturing interactive requirements.

2) Global Project & Portfolio Management Program

Testimonial from a Program Director at a Fortune 500 Company:

We worked on an international team to roll out a global implementation of a project and portfolio management application. Brian successfully carried out a significant amount of analysis during the phase of product selection identifying and documenting functional requirements using his methodology.

The requirements were later used to set up use cases to test short listed products. The vendors used the requirements as structured to present how their tool would meet them.

The selected PPM tool was successfully rolled out worldwide.

This project had about 50 business and 50 IT stakeholders during requirements discovery and documentation. Also, they were distributed over three continents! This requirements effort was completed in two months using both the methodology and the approach.

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