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The statistics for software requirements are staggering:

1. 45% of all software features are never used and only 20% are always or often used, Jim Johnson, Chairman, Standish Group (Opens in new window.)

2. 68% (those ranking in the bottom two-thirds) of companies are more likely to have a marginal project or outright failure than a success, IAG’s 2008 Business Analysis Benchmark for #2 & #3. (opens in new window) In fact, half of the projects for this group are “runaways” which had any two of:
- taking over 180% of target time to deliver
- consuming in excess of 160% of estimated budget
- delivering under 70% of the target functionality

3. A company using poor requirements practices for software (ranking in the bottom two-thirds) compared to a company using the best requirement practices (ranking in the top third) pays a $2.24 million penalty per project! (Average project size was originally budgeted at $3 million. This is a significant number - 75% of budget!)

4. 91% of business analysts use a tool that is not designed for requirements definition or integration with automated test tools, The Role of the Business Analyst, voke media, 2008 (Opens in new window.)

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