Answer Nine Questions to Determine
Your Requirements Analysis Skill Ranking

To determine in which third your organization ranks in requirements analysis practices, answer these nine questions with a yes or a no. Admittedly, this is a rough estimate. You would need a requirements assessment for a detailed answer. However, you may find it useful in assessing your current skill level.

The Questions

1. Do business personnel share a common understanding of the organization’s goals?
2. Are existing business processes understood and followed?
3. Is everyone in the business aligned on what to do next?
4. Do IT developers and architects understand what the business wants to accomplish?
5. Do software testers have enough time to write all the needed tests and perform them?
6. Do your projects typically come in on time?
7. Are your projects typically within budget?
8. Do your projects typically deliver all the functionality that was promised?
9. Are users delighted, or at least satisfied, when they see the implemented process or application?

Your Ranking

Organizations ranking in the top third in requirements analysis skills typically answer "yes" to seven or more questions.

Organizations ranking in the middle third typically answer "yes" to four, five or six questions.

If you answered “no” to less than seven questions, you are at the right place to learn how to improve your ranking. An improved ranking will add directly to your financial bottom line.

Common Thread Through the Questions

There is a common thread that runs through the questions above. That thread is requirements. Remember, in the Building Requirements Consensus™ Methodology use case requirements apply equally well to business process requirements and software requirements. Sometimes, for example with software testing, the perceived problem is really a symptom, the pain point, of a deeper underlying problem. Software testing problems result from poor software requirements or the preceding poor business process requirements.

Clear software requirements make writing tests much easier. Better yet is to automatically generate test scenarios to allow time to actually perform them with Blueprint's Requirements Center analyst tool.

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