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Brian Cook, Founder and President, developed the Building Requirements Consensus™ Methodology over many years experience. He is a business process and software requirement architect with a proven track record of:
• verifying and improving processes
• defining - and maintaining - scope
• discovering and documenting requirements for both business processes and software applications using words, graphics, models and simulations.

One of his favorite sayings is:

"If a picture is worth a thousand words,
a simulation is worth a thousand pictures."

Brian was a representative to the Object Management Group's (OMG) committee that sets the UML standard.

Brian is known as an effective, results oriented facilitator, using creative approaches that are based on open standards. His principle-based analytical abilities have been applied to organize ways of identifying core concepts of the underlying structures of complex and/or long-range problems.

At the same time, Brian is able to communicate his deep understanding in ways that people understand. For example, his metaphor for the requirements problems that continue to plague the industry is:

"Would you buy a car from a dealer who gives you only a written description? Or from another dealer who presents the text plus engineering diagrams?

Of course not! Yet that is precisely what we expect our customers to do.

You want to experience the car; your customers want to experience the proposed solution. You cannot tell how a car will feel and perform from text or diagrams; your customers cannot tell how a business process or software application will feel and perform from text or diagrams either.

A root cause of requirements problems is the medium historically used to document requirements. Simulating requirements before building reduces your risk and cost by adding clarity and building consensus."

Rather than repeat his experience here please see Brian's LinkedIn profile (opens in new window). In particular, please note the many recommendations he has received from managers, coworkers, customers, vendors and outsource partners. (Click on "View Full Profile" in the yellow box then click the "Recommendations" link to view them.)

Here are a few excerpts from his LinkedIn profile recommendations:

"Brian defined an effective process for the company to learn and utilize use cases and introduced a new simulation-based requirements capture tool to improve the accuracy of requirements, thereby reducing the cost of later defect correction."
- Manager at a large insurance company

"His skill in cutting through rhetoric to see the big picture is a great asset to any organization who struggles with poor requirements and business conceptualizations."
- Quality Manager, Outsourcing Partner

"He is an excellent mentor and coach, passionate about improving the development life-cycle to deliver value and quality ... Brian would bring integrity, passion and vision to any organization."
- Coworker at a large insurance company

"Brian has a powerful ability to abstract up above the "noise" to clearly identify the fundamental issues"
- Vice President of Products, Vendor

"Brian is, without a doubt, the strongest Requirements Architect (did I just create a new title?) I have ever met. In fact, I don't think I would use that title to describe anyone other than Brian."
- Global Enterprise Architect at a large insurance company

"It was my pleasure to work with Brian ... He was tenacious in working towards win-wins for all involved."
- Global CTO, Outsourcing Partner

"I learned more about UML modeling for requirements from Brian in one day than what I had learned in several projects with other vendors."
- Business Systems Analyst, Customer in consulting project

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