Service Offerings for
Business Processes,
Software Requirements,
Software Testing and Outsourcing

Services Overview

Cook Enterprise Corporation services help you add clarity and build consensus with business processes, software requirements, software testing and outsourcing.

Our mission is to help organizations discover
where to strengthen their competitive position
by simulating business processes and software requirements,
clarifying them and building consensus,
to implement them.

Each service is designed to help you meet your customers' goals while helping you keep your projects on time, within budget and delivering the expected functionality.

The output of each service is recommended incremental steps you can take that will work along side of your current practices. We want to ensure that you will not have a process breakdown and loose the success you have had so far if you decide to add new skills or processes.

Evaluate Your Current Practices

The evaluation service gives you an objective description of the maturity level of your current practices. The scope of the evaluation is customized to meet your goals.

We can evaluate a specific area, e.g., business requirements or software testing. Likewise, we can evaluate your entire set of practices from business processes and software requirements, to internal or outsourced development, and software testing/deployment.

Train Your Resources on the Methodology

We train your people in the Building Requirements Consensus™ Methodology so they can start thinking about the problem space and discovering and defining the requirements in a more unified way based on solid principles. These internally consistent principles are based on and consistent with industry wide open standards.

Your people will be able to begin applying this methodology in their current projects. New projects will start from the very beginning on a more solid conceptual footing that will result in better customer satisfaction.

Mentor Analysts Over Time

Once your people are trained, we can visit in person or online to help them improve in their skills. We want to ensure that they do not get offtrack and miss a portion of the benefits of the Building Requirements Consensus™ Approach.

Our goal is to enable your people to function independently as soon as possible while giving them the support they need to excel.

Augment a Critical Project

Cook Enterprise Corporation can augment your project with people skilled in the Building Requirements Consensus™ Methodology or Building Requirements Consensus™ Approach. You will get benefit from using the methodology only. You will also get benefit from using the tool only. The approach is the methodology along with Blueprint's Requirements Center analysis tool.

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